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Our Services

A standard sweep includes:
  • Visual assessment (from the ground) of the chimney stack, pot and guard (where applicable).
  • Sweeping of the chimney or flue using brush or power sweep system as appropriate. 
  • Basic assessment of the condition of the appliance and lower section of flue.
  • Type 2 smoke flow test.
  • Chimney Sweeping Certificate. 

All prices assume a straightforward sweep with no complications or extras. Prices can increase subject to complications or additional services.

Additional Services

Having your chimney swept is a good opportunity to address the general maintenance of a stove. Along with our sweeping services we can also replace degraded or damaged parts such as fire bricks, rope seals, cracked or missing fire cement and stove glass. Due to the large variety of stove designs prices are dependent on appliance and requirement. 

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